Wellness: Mindset Matters

For 30 days I led a positivity challenge on my social media pages. It wasnt all sunshine and rainbows for 30 days. In fact it was quite the opposite. I had to be intentional about activating the messages that I received from God to not only help myself, but also help others.

I found myself self getting wrapped up in how many likes a post received or how many “amens” were commented. I was quickly convicted and told that this is not about fame. It’s about testimony and change.

I made it 29 days posting and praying and empowering. On day 30 craziness broke loose. I wasn’t feeling well, my son decided to act up in school, my dad was in a small car accident, I fell up the stairs at home and hurt my foot, and I was battling my anxiety and depression. I immediately stopped in my tracks when I panicked over the ice machine making a weird noise. I put everything down and immediately prayed to God. I asked him to increase my faith, make my coping skills greater than my fears, and continue surgery on me by removing who I once was. In that moment I realized that I had changed. In the past I would have had a defeated attitude and gave up on the day. I would have allowed negative thoughts to set up shop in my spirit leading to sadness and a bad attitude. I felt amazing.

I never got a chance to post my quote for Day 30. That doesn’t mean I failed. It means I’m human. None of my posts were scheduled. It was an intentional effort to break free from the chains of fear, sadness, anxiety, and comparison. I was running, trying to make this case, 99.5 will have to do!

In the classic book Alice in Wonderland, the main character (Alice) goes through a change where she was big and then small. She reflects on this change and says there’s no use going back to yesterday because she was a different person then. Preach Alice!

My positive affirmation for Day 30 and beyond: There’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

Good people. As we move forward into 2019, let’s do just that. Move. Forward. Don’t dwell on those past mistakes Or who you used to be. Accept the different you. Tell those past mistakes that you are no longer listening to their distortions. Let go of that old and grow into your new.

The glow up is real! Make sure you give that glow up glory to God...oh you different different!

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