Confidence: eve taught me

I have wrestled all week trying to decide what to write about. If you know me, you know that I read and study...for fun. Recently, I have focused in on the story of creation. Not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but the creation story goes a little like this....

God says let there be.

Everything is.

God makes Adam.

Its all good.

God makes Eve.


Adam and Eve are free to live in the garden and are given pretty simple instructions. Eve is tricked by a serpent, and brings Adam along for the ride. The bible says their eyes are opened and they realize that they are naked. God (who knows everything...and only has to keep track of some animals and a few is taking an evening walk and calls out to Adam. Adam and Eve are hiding because they are naked and ashamed. Adam replies, “we heard you walking in the Garden, and hid because we were naked”. Silly rabbit.

God asks who told them they were naked and if they ate from the tree. Adam blames it on Eve. Wow, Bruh.

They get kicked out of the garden.

Prior to their exile, God informs them of their new life as humans. To Eve he says that childbirth will be painful. To Adam, you gotta work for the food to feed your family. Deuces.

In the next chapter (feels like the next day), Eve has given birth to her first son-Cain. She is thankful for him and acknowledges God’s assistance in the process.

Wait. Rewind.

Adam and Eve lived in a garden where their every need was provided. They were kicked out, they start a family, and the mother of all humanity thanks the same God who evicted her for the blessing of a son. How Sway? Maybe all the sin hadn’t settled in yet for her...

As I was reading, I asked myself "would I have had the same response?" When things happen to me that seem unbelievable, do I thank God for the experience and ask what am I supposed to learn from this? Am I listening to the warnings, understanding the red flags AND thanking God for what my small mind can't really understand?

Eve was warned about the pain of childbirth. She didn’t even have a mommy to consult with about the experience. She went through 10 months of carrying a human and then thanks the same God who brought pain for bringing the sunshine. She recognizes that new life comes from God. Eve had walked with God in the garden, and was now watching her husband work while experiencing life as a new mom.

Good people. I don’t know if the story of creation was translated correctly...Nor do I care. What I understand from this story is that we should follow the example of the mother of humanity in understanding that the same God who brings rain into our lives also brings the sunshine. So often we quit or become afraid because something seems difficult, or the way looks a little rough. Know that God always brings the dark times for his glory, and to save us from ourselves.

I am certain that God’s heart was broken when he made Adam and Eve leave the home created for them. Man was the only creation that God consulted with Himself about making in his own image and likeness. He desired a true relationship with the being he made as a reflection of himself. To this day, man is the only mammal that can create and build and invent. Our creativity is a reflection of His intellect, His love, His desire to

commune with us. God had to send Adam and Eve out of the Garden- not to be callous but so he could save them one day. So that we could get back to that original relationship with Him. Enters Jesus.

Be like Eve (in this moment). She was keenly aware of the new life that comes only from God. When we birth something new, or receive a healing from whatever plagues us, that's new life! I encourage you today to thank God for the dark, low moments. He must think you’re strong enough to give you what you’re going through.

The sunshine on the other side is sure to be divine.

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